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Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Resume Writer...

Generate more phone calls and win more interviews in response to your new compelling and persuasive resume.

Land your dream job sooner, shortening your job search and saving you both time and money.

Elevate your earnings potential and position yourself for rapid progression or a challenging career change.

Stand out from the crowd and outshine your competitors by  promoting your own unique value proposition and branding.

Maximize your strengths and get expert assistance solving tough job search challenges.

Create a highly professional, polished first impression that captures attention and compels the reader to action.

  Who We Are
With expertise spanning nearly all industries and professions, proven success working with diverse clients at every executive and management level, we are exceptionally well-qualified to meet your individual needs. Recognized as a nationwide leader in executive resume writing, Fortune 500 executives from many of the top global corporations have entrusted us to promote and advance their career.

Published author and contributor: articles and resumes published in 10 top-selling books on resume writing and job searching.
Top certifications:
NCRW, CPRW, CPBS, CCM, JCTC, CEIP - one of the only resume writers in the world with all 6 industry-recognized credentials.
Superb quality:
selected as one of the nation's top resume writers by McGraw Hill and 2x winner of PARW's national/ international "Best Resume" contest.
Recognized industry leader:
active member of the industry's top  professional associations; former NRWA Regional Board member. Consultant on executive resumes to ExecuNet.
Authoritative expertise:
trained, mentored, and set quality standards for nationwide resume writers as a member of the NRWA Certification Commission, 1998-2004 and on the Certification Advisory Board, 2006-present.
Internet pioneer:
providing long-distance, web-based resume services to  job searchers around the globe since 1996.

Executive Resume Samples


The sample executive resumes displayed in this portfolio are representative of the quality writing and design services that we provide. Just as every client is unique, so is every resume that we create; these examples are simply a randomly selected sampling of the thousands of resumes in our files. Please note that these samples are protected by copyright law and copying is prohibited.

bullet Sample Executive Resume 1 - CEO/President/COO
bullet Sample Executive Resume 2 - CEO/President
bullet Sample Executive Resume 3 - CIO/Senior IT Executive
bullet Sample Executive Resume 4 - Sales Management Executive
bullet Sample Executive Resume 5 - Banking Executive
bullet Sample Executive Resume 6 - COO/President/EVP
bullet Sample Executive Resume 7 - Multiple Goals
bullet Sample Executive Resume 8 - CFO/Corporate Finance
bullet Sample Executive Resume 9 - Manufacturing Operations

Beyond the executive resume: other executive job search document samples

The "traditional" executive resume and cover letter still play a primary role in the job search and we do not expect that to change in the near future. But, in recent years there has been a real evolution in thought and creativity regarding content, length, and formats of resumes. Accelerated by an increasingly competitive job market, a variety of new executive career marketing documents have emerged and are gaining in use and popularity.

The sample documents presented in this portfolio are examples of some of the creative documents that we, at Distinctive Documents, have prepared for our clients. These are just samples of our work, meant to illustrate the quality, effectiveness, and creativity of our work. Please note that these samples are protected by copyright law and that copying is prohibited.

Networking Resume
A shorter, more concise, one-page version of your complete executive resume that is useful in networking situations when you don't want to hand out your full resume. Your networking resume is created to succinctly convey the key facts, major highlights, and your value proposition in an attractive format. You may want to hand several of these to your contacts, for them to use when reaching out on your behalf to their own networking contacts.

Specialty Profiles
Usually a one-page document submitted as an addendum to your resume. A specialty profile can be used to showcase your specific area of expertise. Leadership Profiles, Consulting Engagement Profiles, and Technology Profiles are particularly common, but specialty profiles or capability summaries can be created for individuals with expertise in any area. Profiles might include such items as lists of training or presentations, case studies, lists of clients or projects, technology summaries, or even brief case studies.

Biographical Sketches
Typically, a one-page narrative summary marketing your key qualifications and career achievements. Biographical sketches are often included in business plan submissions or when seeking Board appointments or speaking engagements. You may be asked for a biography by a hiring company, to use in their marketing materials or on their website.

Reference Sheets
Going beyond a simple listing of references, your references sheet becomes a key "selling" piece in your overall career marketing strategy. Again, it is usually a one-page document that includes a summary of your relationship with each reference and your traits and qualifications that the individual reference will speak about.

Accomplishment Summaries
A great way to include more in-depth information about key accomplishments than is practical in the resume. These documents are rarely longer than two pages and should include a few expanded accomplishment stories written in the Challenge-Actions-Results format.

Other Job Search Documents
No matter what your career goal, at Distinctive Documents we can help you attain it with creative career marketing documents customized to your specific needs.

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IMPORTANT: Please note that while our client base is global, all resumes are written in English only, and are prepared in a US/Canadian style. Resume/CV styles vary throughout the world. If you are uncertain whether a US/Canadian style resume is correct in your situation, contact us and we will help you determine if our service is the correct one for you.


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  Superb Results
Hooking up with Michelle Dumas and Distinctive Documents three years ago was like adding rocket fuel to my career trajectory. I subsequently was promoted from senior writer to editorial creative director and then editor in chief with Muscle & Fitness, a major national fitness magazine. Concurrently, I also opened a series of new freelance writing accounts, including one with Menís Health, the worldís largest menís magazine, and signed three progressively more lucrative book deals, most recently with LL Cool J as my collaborator.

In every instance, the resume Michelle initially created for me, and the lasting impression it leaves, cracked open the door. Itís an amazing confidence builder to sit down for an interview with the CEO of a major American publishing company and have him look down and say, ďWow--thatís a really impressive resume.Ē And the fact that a professional writer turns to her for assistance tells you how good she is.

I donít think itís an exaggeration to say that hiring Michelle was the best investment Iíve ever made in my career. I probably have been repaid 100-fold for what I spent.

Above and beyond the quality of Michelleís work, the way she goes about doing it is a revelation. Her adherence to process, deadlines and quality control is so unyielding that Iíve been inspired to apply it to my own work as well. When she says something, she inevitably holds herself to it, which is rare these days.

In sum, to anyone looking for a resume consultant, I give Michelle Dumas the highest recommendation I can possibly give to another person: A+, five stars, you name it. You wonít be disappointed.

--J.O., California


  Our Clients
Our clients include thousands of top-caliber C-level executives, presidents, vice-presidents, directors, senior managers, political figures, government leaders, and celebrities working in both the public and private sector, in large corporate to small business settings around the world and in virtually all industries.

67% of our clients earn a personal income over $100,000 annually; 31% have annual salaries exceeding $150,000 (many far exceeding)

64% of our clients hold executive level positions (EVP, SVP, VP, etc. to C-level) with a full 15% at the "C-level" (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, etc)

86% of our total client base are in positions ranging from mid-management roles to senior executive management roles

56% of our clients are employed but come to us seeking to progress their careers (higher position and/or pay); 33% are seeking to achieve a challenging career change (new industry or job function); 11% are unemployed and recognize that a professional resume will produce strong ROI by shortening the job search


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